Paralegal Services

Small Claims Court Representation

At Paradigm Legal we offer a unique service to ALL of our clients in need of representsion at various Small Claims Courts.  Our firm covers most jurisdictions, inluding Hamilton-Wentworth, Burlington, Peel Region, Kitchener/Waterloo, Durham, Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

At Paradigm Legal, we now have registered Paralegals on staff who can assist clients with all Small Claims Court matters, Landlord & Tenant disputes, collections (unpaid invoices/loans), breach of contract, damaged property, assistance with preparing legal documents and many other areas of law when hiring a lawyer is just "NOT" in the budget for certain individuals and/or companies.

Our Paralegals, assess the case, advise the client, and set out a plan that best suits the needs of the client.  At Paradigm, we believe that the client's needs is ALL that matters to us!

As customary the first 30 minute consultation is free!  We believe that the initial contact the client makes with us, to set out his/her case at a very stressful time, should never be billed.  We like to sit down with our clients, listen to their needs and assess their situation going forward.  The client needs to know and understand that our focus is entirley on their legal matter.

Corporate Services

Drafting of Articles of Incorporation, Ordering of the NUANS report and registering Articles with the Ministry. Completing Small Business registration forms, and registering with the Ministry and obtaining the Master Business Licence. Searching business names, assuring availability before registering. Conducting various corporate searches, Corporate/PPSA, Bankruptcy/Insolvency, Bank Act, etc....


Small Claims Court Represenation

When an individual/business requires our service for representation in Small Claims Court, This is our area of expertise! Hours of court time before Judges/Hearing Officers has allowed us to master our craft! We attend at "ALL" Small Claims Courts in the Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding, the Greater Hamilton Area and Surrounding and the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area.


Drafting Affidavits

Drafting of Affidavits and Supporting Affidavits for all Courts and Tribunals. Affidavits in support of Motions, Trials, Assessments, Hearings, etc...


Contractor/Renovation Disputes

Helping home owners who have become involved in a dispute with their contractor, renovator or home builder. We will help you review agreement which you entered with and we will make sure you rights represented.


Drafting Consent to Travel documents

In some special circumstances, Parents, Family Members,and/or Relatives require special letters, documents and/or permissions which will consent to the travelling abroad with young family members. Our team of Paralegals can step in and quickly draft these documents, letters and/or special permissions.


Landlord & Tenant

With our robust Real Estate market in Southern Ontario. Many Landlord & Tenant issues have manifested and presented itself. Navigating through the entire process can be frustrating and time consuming. Let our Paralegals handle the entire case for you, or we can guide you through the process, to help and make it as easy and stress free as possible.


Services for Seniors

At Paradigm we care for our seniors!! We realize how to difficult it is for our aging population to have someone they can trust and rely upon to guide them through many legal situations that may be simple for the rest of us. Many seniors live on a strict budget and may have difficulty consulting in legal specialists, to help them with medical forms, pension applications, power of attorney applications, etc... We provide our seniors with a very affordable cost effective alternative solution to their problems, and work with ALL budgets!!